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2 Line Urdu Poetry

Urdu poetry is widely permission and quoted to melody feelings and sentiments. It has several forms and structures how 2 descent urdu poetry is prevalent and the most loved format. Two pedigree Urdu Shayari is the shortest mannerism to take in hand thoughts through words.
Our team has collected the best 2 lines Urdu Shayari from the worlds quickly-known Urdu poets and presented them as soon as images. These Urdu poetry lines can be easily copied and pasted anywhere. Images are of pleasing air and can be shared concerning social media and on speaking the order of WhatsApp status.
We maintain sharing two lines Urdu poetry, 4 lines Urdu poetry, Ghazals, and one liners for our readers. Enjoy the buildup under and consent to us know your thoughts about it.
2 Line Urdu Poetry
2 origin Urdu poetry from famous poets considering Urdu, Roman text, and images. Read and share gone others.
Na Ji Bhar Kay Daikha Na Koi Baat Ki
Bari Arzoo Thi Mulaqat Ki

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Andaz Apna Daikhty Hain Ayainy Main Woh
Aur Yeh Bhi Dekhty Hain Koi Dekhta Na Ho
2 Line Poetry In Urdu
Our 2 pedigree poetry in Urdu is a self-starter for Urdu poetry lovers. This moreover includes high-mood Urdu poetry images. That can be easily shared gone others.
Niahain Is Qadar Qatil Keh Uff Uff
Adayain Is Qadar Pyari Keh Tauba
Aye Ghame e Zindgi Na Ho Naraz
Mujh Ko Adat Hai Muskarany KI

Jaan Laiwa Thi Khahshain Warna
Wasal Sy Intazar Acha Tha
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2 Lines Poetry In Urdu

Main Hon Dil Ha Tanhai Ha
Tum Bhi Hotay Acha Hota
Sab Ik Chiragh Kay Parwany Hona Chahty Hain
Ajeeb Log Hain Dewany Hona Chahty Hain
Ik Tarz e Taghaful Ha So Unko Mubarak
Ik Arz e Tamana Ha So Hum Karty Rahain Gy
2 Lines Urdu Poetry
By sharing 2 lines Urdu poetry lines we have the best and heart-moving lines from the best Urdu poets. We direction you will exaltation reading them all.

Ik Ajab Haal Ha Keh Ab Usko
Yaad Karna Bhi Bewafai Ha
Zdgi Youn Hoi Basar Tanha
Qafila Sath Aur Safar Tanh
Arz e Ahwal Ko Gila Samjhay
Kiya Kaha Main Nay Ap Kia Samjhay?

Poetry In Urdu 2 Lines
This poetry in Urdu 2 lines is the pretentiousness to allowance trouble a pedestal, grief, and emotions connected to others. Poetry verses apportion our feelings a voice that is noisy and on the go.
Pamal Kar Kay Pochty Hain Kis Ada Say Woh
Us Dil Main Aag Thi Mery Talway Jhulas Gye
Mudda Door Tak Gaya Lekin
Arzoo Laut Kar Nahi Ayi

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Urdu 2 Lines Poetry
Through these awesome Urdu 2 lines poetry, we profit an opportunity to communicate later others. Poetry is stage make known the language of emotions. Most poets write what they actually observe and mood.
Hoti Hai Kahan Dil Say Juda Dil Ki Arzoo?
Jata Kahan Hai Shama Ko Parwana Chor Kar?
Husn Ko Sharmsar Karna Hi
Ishq Ka Intaqam Hota Hai

Iss Maraz Say Koi Bacha Bhi Hai?
Chara Gar Ishq Ki Dawa Bhi Hai?
2line Poetry In Urdu

Zindgi Say Zindgi Roth Rahi
Aadmi Say Admi Barham Raha

Tumhari Yaad Main Jeeny Ki Arzoo Ha Abhi
Kuch Apna Haal Sanbhalon Agar Ijazat Ho?
Sari Dunya Kay Gham Hamary Hain
Aur Sitam Yeh Keh Hum Tumhary Hain

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Urdu 2 Line Poetry
By reading our Urdu 2 stock poetry we expect our readers grievances do minimized. That is why we grip sharing 2 Line Urdu Shayari as regards interchange topics and affairs.
Dushmani Lakh Sahi Khatam Kijye Na Rishta
Dil Milay Ya Na Milay Hath Milaty Rahy

Adatan Tum Nay Kar Diye Waday
Adatan Hum Nay Aitbar Kiya
Bheer Tanhayoun Ka Maila Hain
Admi Admi Akaila Hai
Sad Poetry 2 Lines In Urdu

Khaab, Ummed, Tamanain, Taluq, Rishtay
Jaan Lay Lety Hain Akhir Yeh Saharay Sary
Youn Na Qatil Ko Jab Yaqeen Aya
Hum Nay Dil Khol Kar Dikhai Choot
Ishq Ko Ik Umer Chahye Aur
Umer Ka Koi Aitbar Nahi
Two Lines Urdu Poetry

Aur Kiya Daikhny Ko Baqi Hai?
Ap Say Dil Laga Kay Daikh Liy
Kiya Haseen Khaab Mohabbat Nay Dikhaya Tha Hamain
Khul Gai Ankh To Tabeer Pay Rona Aya

Ab Meri Koi Zindgi Hi Nahi
Ab Bhi Tum Meri Zindgi Ho Kiya?
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Urdu Poetry 2 Lines
Na Umeedi Barh Gai Ha Iss Qadar
Arzoo Ki Arzoo Honay Lagi
Tum Jafa Par Bhi To Nahi Qaim
Hum Wafa Umer Bhar Karain Kun Kar?

Kabhi Jo Khaab Tha Woh Paa Liya Hai
Magar Jo Kho Gai Woh Chez Kiya Thi?
2 Line Urdu Poetry Copy Paste
Dil Pay Aye Howy Ilzam Say Pehchanty Hain
Loog Ab Mujhy Tery Naam Say Pehnchanty Hain

Dushmani Jam Kar Karo Lekin Yeh Gunjaish Rahy
Jab Kabhi Hum Dost Ho Jayain To Sharminda Na Hon
Khamoshi Say Ada Ho Rasm e Doori
Koi Hangama Barpa Kun Karain Hum
Poetry Urdu 2 Lines
Hum Ussy Yaad Boht Ayain Gay
Jab Ussay Bhi Koi Thukraye Ga

Tujh Say Kis Tarha Main Izhar e Tamana Karta?
Lafz Soojha To Maani Nay Baghawat Kar Di
Final Words On 2 Line Urdu Poetry
We goal you have enjoyed reading the above 2 Line Urdu Poetry buildup. You can part it behind your cronies taking into account a single click.
We be crazy more or less poetry content ownership and mention each publish subsequent to verses. We publicize it from merger sources including Rekhta. However, If you locate anything wrong entry us.
We worship to listen assistance from our visitors, for that defense agree to us know roughly your suggestions, corrections, and thoughts by commenting, emailing, and messaging. We response in the back going on to all queries when possible. It in fact helps us in improving our facilities and content.


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